Using an Infrared Camera to Find Energy Loss

Technology offers so many options to improve our lives and save us all time and money. One example is an infrared camera. You can use one to take pictures of your home and the pictures will show where you are losing heat in the winter and losing cool air in the summer.

Take a look at the photo on the right. This is a photo of a home in cool weather using an infrared camera to detect changes in temperature of the house’s envelope. The areas that are blue and green show where the outside of the house is coolest. The orange, yellow and red areas show where heat is escaping. That’s your energy dollars migrating through window and door openings, through the attic, through the top plates and out the sill plates of the home.

If you have any doubts about how much energy your home loses through poorly insulated areas, you can borrow or rent an infrared camera and take a few shots such as these. You will probably find areas in your home that can use some insulating improvements.

Learn more about using an infrared camera around your home in this video and Wikipedia article:

Thermographic images