To calculate the spray foam insulation cost for your home or project, your contractor will need to know the measurements of the space as well as what type of spray foam.

Open cell foam and closed cell foam have different prices per foot. In order to get a firm idea of the cost, the contractor will schedule an appointment with you to measure your space. He or she will recommend an R-value for the space and that will determine how thick the foam will need to be to achieve the desired R-value.

For any home other than brand new construction, it will be necessary for the contractor to look at your space to determine the most efficient way to apply the foam insulation. That is why reputable contractors will provide a free, no-obligation quote.

There are two factors which make up the price for spray foam insulation. The first is material cost and that would be for open cell or closed cell foam. The second part is the labor to install the foam insulation. Closed cell is usually used in places that are harder to reach and therefore usually costs more per foot to install so the labor charge will be higher.

When you request a quotation for your home, make sure that the bidding contractor provides you with a payback calculation. Spray foam is known to cost a bit more than batt or blown in insulation. However, the energy savings that you will realize over time will more than pay for your investment in a warmer (or cooler) home.
Spray foam insulation will last longer than batt or blown-in insulation, and because it is more efficient than the other two types of insulation, the payback can be much quicker. Also make sure the contractor provides you with information on the fire rating for spray foam insulation. This, too, makes spray foam a smart choice for your home and your family.

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