Spray Foam Insulation Libertyville

spray foam insulation Libertyville

If you are thinking about spray foam insulation for your Libertyville area home, then you should know that you will notice an improvement in both the comfort of your home and in your energy bills.

Libertyville is fortunate to have a diversity of housing styles – from older farmhouse styles clustered around the downtown area and in the outskirts of town to lovely new construction homes. Older homes, built way before the energy crisis, were built with very little insulation. Overtime, batt or blown in insulation compresses and sags leaving many wall cavities without any insulation protection at all. This can be true even for homes built within the past twenty years. If you notice drafts coming through your wall receptacles, if your walls are cold to the touch, if you feel air blowing around moldings, then your insulation is not doing the job it did when your home was built.

Drafts and cold spots in winter are signs that your furnace is working too hard to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. The same is true in summer when your air conditioner may be struggling to keep up with 100 degree days. Both situations can be resolved with better insulation that won’t sag and provides a seal between your indoor spaces and outdoors. Spray foam insulation is the answer to saving money on your heating and air conditioning bills and eliminating the drafts that are caused by inefficient insulation.

Your attic is another space that can be insulated with spray foam with energy-saving benefits. Keeping your attic insulated with spray foam also means that you won’t experience ice dams which can cause damage to your roof, gutters and interior drywall should leaks occur from the damage. Basements can become much more comfortable temperature-wise and with less dampness with spray foam insulation around the walls.

When you calculate the cost of wasted energy on your household budget, you will find that spray foam insulation in the Libertyville area will pay for itself in terms of savings and your family’s comfort many times over. Old house or new, it is a smart home improvement decision that will last as long as your home.


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