Where to Foam?

If you have ever wondered about all the places in your home where you can have foam insulation installed, just take a look at this illustration. The answer to where is everywhere you want to keep air and moisture from infiltrating your living spaces.

Closed Cell Foam Facts and Myths

Here is an excellent video prepared by Honeywell that dispels some of the inaccurate information regarding the use of closed cell spray foam. It will also assist you with specifying the right foam formulation for your next insulating project.

Using an Infrared Camera to Find Energy Loss

Technology offers so many options to improve our lives and save us all time and money. One example is an infrared camera. You can use one to take pictures of your home and the pictures will show where you are losing heat in the winter and losing cool air in the summer. Take a look […]

Foam Prices

We are often asked about pricing for spray foam insulation. In general, closed cell foam will cost more than open cell foam insulation. This is because of the more difficult spaces it is usually installed into such as basement areas and dormers. The time it takes to do these areas is greater, therefore the labor […]

Insulating Benefits

Although this video explains the benefits of insulation in pounds and pence instead of dollars and cents, you will get an idea of where you can save money on your energy costs and where you are losing the dollars you are spending now.  

Foam Insulation Safety

In this video demonstration, Dow Chemical explains the safety procedures that all spray foam contractors should follow. Adhering to these simple steps will keep workers safe and maintain a safe workspace on the jobsite. Foam Insulation Safety Video

Expanding Spray Foam Installation

In this corporate video from Dow, expanding spray foam is expertly applied providing a thermal seal to the area. Expanding Spray Foam Installation Video