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If you are concerned about escalating utility bills, then you should consider spray foam attic insulation for your Phoenix home or building. Phoenix summers can be brutally hot and the source of your indoor discomfort might just be coming from your attic. If your attic isn’t insulated properly, not only can the hot air affect your living spaces, but it might be making your air handler work even harder. Completely enclosing your attic with spray foam insulation on the roof deck and attic floor joists will create a conditioned envelope that provides a thermal and air barrier. Your air handler and duct work will be insulated from the intense heat. Because the attic is now conditioned space, your air conditioning won’t have to work as hard to keep your living spaces comfortable, even on 120+ degree days. You will enjoy energy consumption savings and on your utility bills. Why not call us for a free quote today?

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To eliminate the flow of air into living spaces, spray foam creates an effective and complete air barrier.  It also creates a thermal envelope keeping hot or cold air out.  These two features work in concert to give you the greatest comfort and most energy efficiency possible.                    





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Homes begin to show the signs of sagging or shifting insulation after just a few years.  That is because both fiberglas and batt insulation can sink over time and this shifting creates gaps and voids where air can penetrate.  Phoenix is known for exceedingly hot temperatures and expansive roof structures. If you have an attic that isn’t insulated with spray foam, you are probably spending more than you have to each month on electricity bills. 

Your household budget, a company’s energy budget, or a tenant’s budget will appreciate the energy and dollar savings that spray foam insulation provides.





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There are two types of spray foam insulation:  closed cell and open cell.  The types of foam vary in cost and provide different insulating values and benefits depending on the application.  To learn more about how spray foam can solve your insulation problems, check out these articles:           

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  • Commercial buildings, factories and offices
  • Oil & Gas and agricultural applications
  • Schools and other educational buildings
  • Pipe and sewer coatings
  • Municipal buildings and infrastructure



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